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blog. 1 volt is equal to how many watts Yu need to know the voltage. On DC and in any case on resistive loads P = U * I so the current is I = P / U. On 5 volts 1 watt is 0.2 W,on 230 V it is 4.3 mA. On AC if the load is not resistive one has to also view the power factor i.e. consider that the current and voltage can be at different phases. 120 volts. 2400 watts.

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Volt-amperes are useful only in the context of alternating current (AC) circuits. This tool converts volt-ampere to watts (va to w) and vice versa. 1 volt-ampere = 1 watts. The user must fill one of the two fields and the conversion will become automatically. Step 1. Understand Watts.

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watts = PF × amps × volts. For resistive load without inductors or capacitors, the power factor is equal to 1: watts = 1 × 1A × 230V = 230W. For inductive load (like induction motor), the power factor can be approximately equal … One watt is one amp -and- at one volt. But it could be 100 watts, if it is one amp and 100 volts.

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I want to build a solar battery bank.

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Current (I). Amps, Milliamps. Power (P), Watts According to the Watt's Law the total power of the circuit is equ 2 May 2012 The Watt is the SI unit of power -- Volts times Amperes in direct-current one or both of these values to provide information about how much energy watts drawn by a device are always less than or equal to the volt-am How many Watt/Ampere are in a Millivolt? The answer is one Millivolt is equal to 0.001 Watt/Ampere.
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av A Carlsson · 1998 · Citerat av 33 — 2.2 The equivalent four-quadrant DC/DC-converter. access to their circuit programmer, many thanks. 2.1 The three-phase converter.

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Watts is also known as volt-amps and is typically used in conjunction with AC power circuits. Fill in any of the two fields to find the value of the third. Example 1. You have a 12 Volt power supply that delivers 1 Amp of current. Fill in the Volts and Amps fields to find the Watts. Example 2 How to Convert Kilowatt to Volt Ampere. 1 kW = 1000 V*A 1 V*A = 0.001 kW.